I don't think I would surprise too many Humans these days by telling you that you have treated your environment horribly. Until the 1960's you seemed to have no concept of pollution, contamination, wasted resources, and the destruction of your  natural environment. Thankfully you have awakened from this ignorance and are headed in the right direction. However, it must be said that your Earth goes through natural cycles of water (flooding), heat (desert, tropical forests), and cold (ice ages). There is nothing you can do about that. Much has been said about destruction of the Ozone as being the primary threat to your future. This only plays a small part in your environmental problems. It is the natural climatic cycles that are more to blame. It is also very important that you develop new sources of energy. You must learn to re-use all waste products---there should be nothing left unused...no such thing as waste! For new energy sources, you should also look to hydrogen and magnetism. They are the keys....I can say no more about that.

Non-Human Life Forms:

They communicate and sense the environment on a level that Humans do not understand. They are much more intelligent than you suspect and are tuned into energy fields that you have yet to discover.

    Insects-- There are over 1 million species of insects. They make up approximately 80 percent of the total number of animals on earth.  They will eventually take over and rule your Earth.    Learn More

    Micro-organisms-- The most common organism on your planet, bacteria live symbiotically with all other living organisms.  Learn More

     Plants--  These, of course, are your major food and medicinal sources. But new procedures must be developed to harness their energy potential.